The list of negative keywords  provided by the Betting and Gaming Council as part of their IGRG code

Please note that the terms mentioned in this list shall not be used in any way when providing affiliation services, so please verify the content used in association with our brands and and remove any possible words from this category from any content you are using.

+1 +year +old +cor0ona +get +rich +quickly +outpatient +sued
+1 +years +old +cor0onavirus +get +rid +outrage +suffer
+10 +year +old +cor4ona +getting +money +back +over +draft +sufferable
+10 +years +old +cor4onavirus +give +back +over +drafts +sufferance
+11 +year +old +cor5ona +give +up +over +whelm +suffered
+11 +years +old +cor5onavirus +giving +up +over +whelmed +sufferer
+12 +year +old +cor9na +giving +up +gambling +over +whelming +sufferers
+12 +years +old +cor9navirus +go +back +in +time +over +whelms +suffering
+13 +year +old +cor9ona +god +overcome +betting +addictiton +sufferings
+13 +years +old +cor9onavirus +goddamn +overdose +suffers
+14 +year +old +corana +godsdamn +overdraft +suicidal
+14 +years +old +cordona +gone +under +overdrafting +suicide
+15 +year +old +cordonavirus +gruelling +overdrafts +suicided
+15 +years +old +coreona +grand +theft +auto +overemotional +suicides
+16 +year +old +coreonavirus +gta +overwhelm +suing
+16 +year +olds +corfona +gta1 +over-whelm +support
+16 +years +old +corfonavirus +gta2 +overwhelmed +supported
+17 +year +old +corgona +gta3 +over-whelmed +supporting
+17 +years +old +corgonavirus +gta4 +overwhelming +supporto
+18 +year +old +corina +gta5 +over-whelming +supports
+18 +years +old +corinavirus +gta6 +overwhelms +supportsd
+2 +year +old +coriona +gta7 +over-whelms +supremacism
+2 +years +old +corionavirus +gta8 +ovid +supremacist
+3 +year +old +corkna +gubbed +ovid +19 +supremacists
+3 +years +old +corknavirus +guidance +ovid19 +supreme +court
+4 +year +old +corkona +guideline +owe +surgaries
+4 +years +old +corkonavirus +guidelines +owe +me +surgary
+5 +year +old +corlna +guilt +owes +surgarys
+5 +years +old +corlnavirus +guiltiest +pain +surgeries
+6 +year +old +corlona +guiltily +pained +surgery
+6 +years +old +corlonavirus +guiltiness +painful +surgerys
+7 +year +old +corna +guilts +painfull +survive
+7 +years +old +cornavirus +guilty +painfully +suspend
+8 +year +old +cornoa +gun +painfulness +suspended
+8 +years +old +cornoavirus +gunfire +paining +suspense
+9 +year +old +coro0na +gunman +painkiller +suspension
+9 +years +old +coro0navirus +gunmen +painkillers +swindle
+a +loan +for +coro9na +guns +pains +swinger
+abolish +coro9navirus +gunshots +pandemic +symptom
+abomination +coroa +habit +pandemics +Symptoms
+abort +coroan +habiting +panic +symptons
+abortion +coroanvirus +habits +panicing +syndicate
+abrogate +coroavirus +habitual +panics +syndicates
+abuse +coroba +habitually +paranoia +syndication
+abused +corobavirus +habituals +paranoid +synonym
+abuser +corobna +habituate +parkinsons +synonyms
+abusers +corobnavirus +habituated +pathological +system
+abusive +coroha +habituates +pathologically +systems
+accident +corohavirus +habituating +pathology +take +a +break
+accidentally +corohna +habituation +patient +takeabreak
+accidently +corohnavirus +hack +patients +talk +to
+accidents +coroina +hacker +pay +day +tax
+ad +block +coroinavirus +hacking +pay +later +taxation
+ad +blocker +coroja +hadith +payday +taxes
+ad +blockers +corojavirus +harass +paydays +taxi
+ad +blocks +corojna +harassed +paylater +taxing
+addaction +corojnavirus +harassment +pcp +teen
+addict +corokna +hardcore +pharmacies +teen +adult
+addicte +coroknavirus +hardship +pharmacy +teenage
+addicted +corolna +hardships +pharmacys +teenager
+addicting +corolnavirus +harm +philantropy +teenagers
+addiction +coroma +harmed +phone +bill +teens
+addictions +coromavirus +harmful +phone +billing +temper
+addictive +coromna +harmfull +phone +credit +terminal
+addictivegambling +coromnavirus +harmfulness +phone +hacking +terminals
+addictively +corona +harming +phone +line +terminate
+addictiveness +correctible +harmmed +phone +lines +terminated
+addicts +corrona +harms +phone +number +termination
+addictsd +corronavirus +hate +phone +numbers +terminology
+addition +corrupt +hazardous +phone +shop +idol +Terms
+additions +corrupted +headache +phonebill +terms +and +conditions
+adic +corrupter +headaches +phoneline +terroist
+adict +corrupters +health +phonelines +terror
+adiction +corrupting +healthier +physical +abuse +terror +attack
+adictions +corruption +healthiest +piracy +terrorise
+adictive +corruptions +healthy +pissed +terrorism
+adicts +corruptive +hell +play +safe +terrorisms
+adictve +corruptly +help +playing +safe +terrorist
+adictve +games +corruptor +helped +playing +safely +terrorists
+adult +corruptors +helper +poison +tested +negative
+adware +corrupts +helpers +poisonous +tested +positive
+affect +cortona +helping +poisons +testing
+affected +cortonavirus +helpless +police +tests
+affecting +cotona +helplessly +policeman +thawte
+affects +cotonavirus +helpline +policemen +theft
+affectsd +cotrona +helplines +policewoman +therapies
+afford +cotronavirus +helps +policewomen +therapist
+affordability +Cov19 +help-seek +policies +therapists
+affordable +cov8d +help-seeker +policy +therapy
+age +requirements +cov8d19 +help-seeking +poliewoman +therapys
+age +restriction +cov8id +hemp +poor +thief
+age +verification +cov9d +heroin +poorly +thieves
+agecheck +cov9id +heroine +pregnancy +thieving
+aggravate +cov9id19 +hidding +pregnant +threat
+aggravated +covad +hide +prevent +threaten
+aggravates +covad19 +hides +prevented +threatening
+aggravation +covad-19 +hiding +preventing +threatens
+aggression +covads +hinder +prevention +threats
+aggressive +covbid +hindered +preventions +thug
+agp +slot +covbid19 +hindering +prevents +time +before
+agrressiveness +covcid +hinders +preventsd +time +limit
+aid +covcid19 +holy +prick +time +machine
+aids +covd +holy +shit +priory +time +machines
+alcohol +covd19 +holyshit +prison +time +out
+alcoholic +covdi +home +less +prisoner +time +slot
+alcoholism +covdi19 +home +use +prisoners +time +slots
+alienation +covfid +homeless +prisons +timeout
+all +my +money +covfid19 +homelessness +problem +time-out
+all +my +wage +covgid +homicide +problematic +timer
+all +my +wages +covgid19 +hooked +problematical +timeslot
+anger +covi +hooker +problematically +timeslots
+angered +covi1 +hookers +problems +toddler
+angrily +covi19 +hopeless +prohibit +toddlers
+angriness +covi-19 +hopelessly +prohibited +todler
+angry +covi1d9 +hopelessness +prohibiting +toomuch
+annonmous +covi8d +horrid +prohibition +torent
+annoy +covi8d19 +horseshit +prohibits +torents
+annoyance +covi9d +hospital +prostitute +torment
+annoyed +covi9d19 +hospitality +prostitutes +tormented
+annul +covic +hospitals +prostitution +tormenting
+annulled +covic19 +hostage +protect +tormentor
+annulling +covicd +house +deposit +protected +tormentors
+annulment +covicd19 +housing +associations +protecting +torments
+annulments +covid +how +long +protection +torrent
+anonymous +cporona +how +much +protections +torrents
+anonymously +cporonavirus +how +to +protects +torts
+anonymousmeetings +cpovid +hungry +protectsd +torture
+anti +gambling +cpovid19 +hurt +provoke +tortured
+antigamble +cprona +hurted +provoked +torturer
+antigambler +cpronavirus +hurtful +provokers +torturing
+antigamblers +cpvid +hurtfulness +provokes +trafficking
+antigambles +cpvid19 +hurting +provoking +tragedy
+antigambling +crack +hurts +psychiatric +tramp
+anti-gambling +cracker +husband +psychiatrist +transgress
+antigamblings +cracks +husbands +psychiatrists +transgressed
+anti-gamblings +crackz +hustler +psychological +transgression
+antinpsychotic +crap +i +keep +gambling +psychologically +transgressions
+antipsychotic +crappy +icc +betting +psychologist +treat
+antipsychotics +crash +ICU +psychosis +treated
+anxieties +crashes +identification +psychotic +treatment
+anxiety +crashing +idiot +psychotics +treatments
+anxietys +crave +idiots +psycology +trouble
+anxious +craved +illegal +punish +troubled
+apostate +craves +illegally +punished +tvnga
+asa +craving +illegals +punishes +twat
+ashamed +credit +score +illicit +punishment +u10
+ashamedly +crime +illicited +punishments +u11
+ashamsd +crimes +illiciting +pussies +u12
+ask +for +age +criminal +illict +pussy +u13
+ask +for +ID +criminalize +illicts +quarantine +u14
+ask +gambler +criminals +illness +question +u15
+ask +gamblers +crises +illnesses +questions +u16
+assassin +crisis +ilness +quick +cash +u17
+assassination +critic +immoral +quick +money +u18
+assault +critical +immune +quick +win +un +subscribe
+asses +critics +impact +quick +wins +unable
+assessment +crona +impacted +quickcash +unban
+asshole +cronas +impactful +quickmoney +unblock
+assholes +cronavirus +impacts +quickwin +unblocked
+assistance +crooked +impair +quickwins +uncontrol
+assistances +croona +impaired +quicky +uncontrollability
+assisted +croonavirus +impartial +quim +uncontrollable
+assistence +croup +imperial +quiots +uncontrolled
+assistences +cruel +implication +quit +under +18
+assisting +cruelest +implications +quited +under +age
+assists +crueller +impressionable +quiter +under +age +betting
+at +a +risk +cruelly +imprison +quiters +under +eighteen
+at-risk +cruels +improper +quiting +under10
+attack +cruelties +improperly +quits +under11
+attiction +cruelty +impulse +quitted +under12
+authorities +csgo +skin +impulses +quitter +under13
+authority +csgoegg +impulsive +quitters +under14
+babies +cumplisive +inappropriate +quitting +under15
+baby +cumplisiveness +inappropriately +quittsd +under16
+babys +cunt +inappropriateness +racism +under17
+bad +credit +cunts +inclination +racist +under18
+bad +gambler +cure +inclusive +racketeer +under18s
+ban +cures +income +racketeering +unemotional
+baned +curfew +incomes +racketeers +unemotionally
+bang +roulette +curfews +incriminate +radiation +unemployed
+bankcruptcy +cut +down +incriminated +rage +unethical
+bankrupcy +cutting +incriminates +raged +unfair
+bankrupt +cvid +incrimination +rageful +unfollow
+bankruptcies +cvid19 +inebriate +rager +un-follow
+Bankruptcy +cvoid +inebriation +rages +unfollowed
+Bankrupted +cvoid19 +ineffective +raging +un-followed
+banned +cvorona +ineffectively +rape +unfollowing
+banner +cvoronavirus +ineffectiveness +raped +unfollows
+banning +cvovid +infant +rapeds +un-follows
+banns +cvovid19 +infanticide +raper +unfollowsd
+bannsd +cxorona +infanticides +rapes +un-followsd
+bans +cxoronavirus +infantile +raping +ungrateful
+bansd +cxovid +infantry +rapist +ungratefulness
+bashers +cxovid19 +infants +reality +checks +unhealthy
+bastard +cyber +chase +infect +realitychecks +un-healthy
+bastards +cyber +chases +in-fect +reckless +unlawful
+battery +& +assault +Cyber +patrol +infection +recklessly +unlawfully
+battery +and +assault +cyber +sitter +in-fection +recontrols +unlicensed
+be +gamble +aware +cyberchase +infections +recover +unrestricted
+begamble +cyberchases +in-fections +recoverability +unrestrictedly
+begambleaware +cybercrime +infects +recoverable +unrestrictive
+bet +blocker +cybersitter +in-fects +recovered +unsettled
+bet +fixing +damage +infidel +recoveries +unsub
+bet +to +rent +damaged +inflict +recovering +unsub +scribe
+betting +and +gaming +council +damages +inflicted +recoverng +unsubscribe
+BGC +dammit +infliction +recovers +unsubscribed
+betting +addict +damn +inflictions +recovery +unsubscribing
+betting +addiction +damned +inflictive +recoverys +unverified
+betting +arbitrage +danger +inflicts +red +flag +urgent
+betting +ban +dangerous +influence +red +flags +urgently
+betting +cheat +dangerously +influenced +redflag +urgents
+betting +cheats +dangers +influences +redflags +vaccinated
+betting +commission +dark +web +influencing +redundancy +vaccination
+betting +exclusion +deaded +influencsd +reefer +vaccinations
+betting +for +16 +deaden +infuriate +refund +vaccine
+betting +for +17 +deadened +infuriated +refunded +verification
+betting +fraud +deadening +infuriation +refunds +verify
+betting +help +deader +inheretance +refusal +verify +age
+betting +helpline +deadest +inheritance +refuse +verifying
+betting +hotline +deadlier +inhibit +refused +vexation
+betting +issues +deadliest +inhibited +refuses +vexed
+betting +problem +deadliness +inhibitor +regret +vexer
+betting +problems +deadly +inhibits +regreted +vicious
+betting +recovery +deadness +injure +regretful +victims
+betting +rehab +deads +injured +regretfull +video +game
+betting +scam +death +injuries +regretfully +videogame
+betting +scams +deaths +injury +regreting +videogames
+betting +software +debarring +injurys +regrets +vigilance
+betting +stop +debilitating +insolvent +regretsd +vigilant
+betting +support +debt +insolvents +regrettable +vigilantly
+betting +treatment +debtline +insomnia +regrettably +violence
+bet +addict +debtor +insomniac +regretted +void
+bet +addiction +debtors +insomnias +regretter +voided
+bet +arbitrage +debts +insufficient +funds +regretting +vulnerability
+bet +ban +decapitate +insurances +regrettsd +vulnerable
+bet +cheat +decapitated +intensive +care +regulate +wank
+bet +cheats +decapitation +interdict +regulated +wanker
+bet +commission +decease +interdicting +regulating +wankers
+bet +exclusion +deceased +interdiction +regulation +want +to +stop
+bet +for +16 +deep +web +interest +rates +regulations +warez
+bet +for +17 +defamation +interrupt +regulator +warned
+bet +fraud +defraud +intervention +regulators +warning
+bet +help +delinquency +interview +regulatory +warnings
+bet +helpline +delinquent +Intolerant +rehab +wasted
+bet +hotline +delinquents +intoxicate +rehabbed +weak
+bet +issues +delivered +intoxicated +rehabbing +weakened
+bet +problem +demoralise +intoxication +rehabilitate +weaker
+bet +problems +demoralised +invalid +rehabilitated +weakness
+bet +recovery +demoralissd +invalidate +rehabilitates +what +happened
+bet +rehab +demoralized +investigate +rehabilitating +When +the +fun +stops
+bet +scam +demoralizsd +investigates +rehabilitation +who +gambles +the +most
+bet +scams +dependence +investigation +rehabilitations +whore
+bet +software +dependences +investigations +rehabilitator +why +cant +i +stop +gambling
+bet +stop +dependencies +isolat +rehabilitators +wife
+bet +support +dependency +isolate +rehabilitatsd +wiped +out
+bet +treatment +dependent +isolated +rehabs +withdrawal
+Biased +Deplorable +isolates +reject +withdrawing
+bible +deprecate +isolating +rejected +without +registering
+bibles +deprecated +isolatings +rejection +without +verification
+binge +deprecates +isolation +rejects +without +wagering +limits
+binges +deprecation +isolations +rejectsd +work +from +home
+binging +depress +ISP +relapse +worried
+bingo +for +kids +depressed +issue +relapsed +worries
+bipolar +depressing +issues +relapses +worry
+bitch +depression +jackass +relapsing +wound
+bitches +depressions +job +losses +reliance +wounded
+bitchy +depressiveness +job +seeker +reliancy +wounds
+blame +depresssd +job +seekers +reliant +write +off
+block +all +casinos +on +the +web +desensitization +jobless +religion +xxx
+block +bets +desperate +jobseeker +religions +young +people
+block +betting +desperately +jobseekers +religious +younger
+block +betting +ads +destroyed +life +jugadores +anonimos +relinquish +younggambler
+block +betting +app +destroyed +lives +jugarbien +relying +younggamblers
+block +betting +apps +destroying +junior +remorse +youngpeople
+block +betting +sites +destruction +juniors +remorseful +youngster
+block +casino +deter +junkie +remosefulness +youth
+block +casino +app +deterrent +junkies +removal +youthful
+block +casino +apps +deterrents +jurisdiction +remove +youths
+block +casino +game +devilish +jurisdictions +removed
+block +gambling +devilness +justice +remover
+block +gambling +ads +devilry +juvenile +removes
+block +gambling +app +dick +juveniles +removing
+block +gambling +apps +die +karonavirus +render
+block +gambling +sites +died +katamine +rent
+block +myself +dieing +ketamine +rents
+block +online +casino +dies +kethea-alfa +report
+block +sites +for +gambling +diesease +key +stage +reporting
+block +slot +dieseases +key +stages +reportings
+block +slot +app +diffcicult +keystage +reports
+block +slot +games +difficult +keystages +repossession
+block +slot +sites +difficulties +kid +repudiation
+block +slots +difficultise +kiddies +research
+block +slots +apps +difficults +kiddo +researches
+block +yourself +difficulty +kiddos +researching
+block +yourself +from +online +gambling +difficultys +kiddy +resignation
+blockeds +digital +piracy +kiddys +responsible
+blocker +dirty +kidies +responsibles
+blockers +disabilities +kidnap +responsibly
+blocking +disability +kidnapped +restrict
+blocking +software +disabilitys +kidnapper +restricted
+blocksd +disaster +kidnappers +restricting
+blocksds +disasters +kidnapping +restriction
+bloody +discharge +kidnappings +restrictions
+blowout +Disease +kids +restrictive
+bollocks +diseases +kill +restrictively
+bookies +not +on +gamstop +disengagement +killed +restrictiveness
+bootee +disgrace +killer +restricts
+bootie +disgraceful +killers +restrictsd
+booty +disgraces +killing +retard
+booze +disgusting +killings +retarded
+boozed +dismissal +kills +rethink
+boozing +disorder +killsd +re-think
+boozy +disordered +knife +rethinkgambling
+borrow +disorderly +knifed +retreat
+borrow +money +disorders +knifes +retreats
+borrowed +disordersd +knive +rg +controls
+borrower +dispute +knives +rga
+borrowers +disputes +know +your +age +rgsb
+borrowing +distress +ks +1 +rigged
+borrows +distressed +ks +2 +rigging
+borrowsd +distresssd +ks +3 +risk
+boycott +divocing +ks +4 +risk +free +gambling
+brat +divorce +ks +5 +risked
+break +off +divorced +ks1 +riskfree
+breakup +divorces +ks2 +riskier
+break-up +do +not +bet +ks3 +risks
+bribes +do +not +gamble +ks4 +risky
+broke +dodgy +ks5 +Robbed
+broken +domestic +abuse +ks6 +ruin
+bullied +domestic +violence +ks7 +ruination
+bullshit +dont +bet +ks8 +ruined
+bullying +don’t +bet +launder +ruiner
+burglary +dont +gamble +laundered +ruing
+Burgle +don’t +gamble +laundering +ruining
+Burgled +dopamine +launderings +ruinous
+busted +dope +launders +ruinously
+busts +drank +launering +ruins
+butts +drink +launerings +ruinsd
+c0orona +drinked +law +rule
+c0oronavirus +drinking +lawless +rules
+c0ovid +drinks +lawnder +ruling
+c0ovid19 +drinksd +lawndering +russian +roulette
+c0rona +drity +lawnderings +Safe +gambling
+c0rona +virus +drowned +lawnders +Safe +gaming
+c0ronavirus +drug +laws +safe +guard
+c0vid +drugged +lawsuit +safe +guarding
+c0vid19 +druggsd +lawyer +safeguard
+c9orona +drugs +lawyers +safeguarding
+c9orona +virus +drunk +lccp +safeguards
+c9oronavirus +drunkard +leftfordead +safer
+c9ovid +drunken +legal +safer +gambling
+c9ovid19 +drunkenness +legally +rob +safety
+c9rona +drunks +legislation +safety +net
+c9ronavirus +DUI +lend +money +safety +nets
+c9vid +DWI +lender +safetynet
+c9vid19 +dying +lenders +safetynets
+block +gambling +dysphoria +lending +salaries
+gamble +online +frozen +dysthymia +lends +salary
+loan +gambling +effect +levies +salarys
+cancel +account +effected +levy +samaritan
+cancel +betting +effective +levying +samaritans
+cancel +gambling +effectively +liability +management +satan
+Cancel +subscription +effectiveness +libel +save +money
+cancer +effects +licence +save +the +student
+cancers +effectsd +licences +saved
+cancor +embezzlement +license +saving
+cancors +emergency +licenses +savings
+cannabis +emotion +licensing +scam
+car +crash +emotional +licenze +scamed
+carona +emotionless +life +is +a +gamble +scamer
+caronavirus +emotionlessly +limitation +scamers
+cartel +emotions +limitations +scaming
+cartels +energy +limited +scamings
+casino +for +under +18 +enforcement +limitless +scammed
+casino +blocked +enforcements +limitlessly +scammer
+self +execution +enforcing +loan +scammers
+self +exluded +enrage +loaned +scamming
+self +exclusion +enraged +loaning +scammings
+famblock +enrages +loanings +scams
+catamine +epidemic +loanned +scandal
+cathlic +epidemics +loans +scandalous
+cathlics +escape +lonely +scandals
+catholic +escaped +lonliness +scantily
+catholics +escapes +loop +hole +scare
+cbt +escaping +loop +holes +scared
+ccorona +eviction +loophole +scares
+ccoronavirus +evil +loopholes +scarey
+ccovid +evils +lose +scheme
+ccovid19 +excessive +loser +schemes
+cdorona +excessives +losers +scheming
+cdoronavirus +exclude +loses +school
+cdovid +excluded +losing +schooling
+cdovid19 +excludes +losingitall +schools
+cease +excluding +loss +scream
+censorship +excludsd +losses +screaming
+cetamine +exclusion +lost +screw
+cforona +exclusions +lsd +screwed
+cforonavirus +excommunication +ludo +manic +scum
+cfovid +execution +ludomani +secretive
+cfovid19 +executions +ludomania +secrets
+charitable +exploit +ludomaniac +sedie
+charities +exploitation +ludopathy +seduce
+charity +exploitations +lying +see +red
+charitys +exploitative +lyrics +sefexclude
+chase +losses +exploited +maddened +sefexcludes
+chase +win +exploiting +maddening +self +assessment
+chase +wins +exploitings +maddens +self +confidence
+chasers +exploits +madder +self +employ
+chases +explosion +maddest +self +employed
+chasing +explosions +madly +self +esteem
+chasing +loses +explosive +madness +self +esteems
+chasing +losses +explosives +madnesses +self +exclude
+chasingloses +explot +mafia +self +excl
+chasinglosses +exploted +malefaction +self +excluded
+chassing +exploting +malefactor +self +exclusion
+cheat +explots +malfeasance +self +exlude
+cheating +expolitation +maltreat +self +help
+cheats +expolitations +maltreated +self +isolated
+check +age +extortion +malware +self +isolation
+Child +extract +mandatory +self +isolations
+childcare +extracting +marijuana +selfconfidence
+childcares +extracts +marriage +self-destruction
+childhoods +extramarital +marriages +selfemploy
+childran +extremisim +married +self-employ
+children +extremism +martin +lewis +selfemployed
+childrens +extremist +mary +jane +self-employed
+children’s +extremists +masculism +selfesteem
+child’s +fail +mass +effect +self-esteem
+china +virus +failed +mass +effects +selfesteems
+chinese +virus +failings +massacre +self-esteems
+christ +fails +massage +self-exclsions
+christian +fairytail +masseffect +selfexclude
+christians +fairytale +masseffects +self-exclude
+chronic +fallacy +match +fix +selfexcluded
+church +fallacys +match-fix +self-excluded
+churches +family +fortunes +match-fixing +selfexcludeds
+churchs +fanatic +maternal +self-excludeds
+ciorona +fatal +maternity +self-excludes
+cioronavirus +fatalities +matter +selfexcludsd
+ciovid +fatality +mdma +self-excludsd
+ciovid19 +fatalitys +medic +selfexcludsds
+cirona +fatals +medical +self-excludsds
+cironavirus +father +medicals +selfexclusion
+civid +fear +medicine +self-exclusion
+civid19 +fearing +medicines +selfexclusions
+ckorona +fears +medics +selfhelp
+ckorona +virus +feeling +low +meltdown +self-help
+ckoronavirus +feels +low +meltreater +selfhelps
+ckovid +felony +menstruation +selfisolat
+ckovid19 +fines +mental +self-isolat
+ckrona +fixation +mentality +selfisolate
+ckronavirus +fixed +match +mentally +self-isolate
+ckvid +fixed +matches +meth +selfisolated
+ckvid19 +flaw +military +self-isolated
+clanger +flaws +minor +selfisolates
+clangers +fool +minors +self-isolates
+clinic +fools +misconduct +self-isolating
+clinical +for +17 +year +miserable +self-isolation
+clinics +forbid +misery +self-isolations
+clorona +forbidden +misile +selfisolats
+cloronavirus +forbidding +mislead +self-isolats
+closaccounts +forbids +misleading +selfs
+close +account +forgery +misled +sell
+close +accounts +forkid +mistake +session +reminder
+close +my +account +forkids +mistreat +session +reminders
+closeaccount +fraud +mistreated +sessions +reminder
+clovid +frauds +mistreatment +sessions +reminders
+clovid19 +fraudster +mom +severe
+clrona +fraudsters +moms +sham
+clronavirus +fraudulence +money +lost +shame
+cluedo +fraudulent +money +supermarket +shamed
+clvid +fraudulently +moneyadvance +Shameful
+clvid19 +fuck +moneyadvances +shames
+co0rona +fucked +moneylender +share +price
+co0ronavirus +fucker +moneymaking +shareware
+co0vid +fuckers +moneysavingexpert +shit
+co0vid19 +fuckin +moneysavingexpert +gambling +shiter
+co4ona +fucking +moron +shiters
+co4onavirus +fucks +morons +shits
+co4rona +fuking +morphine +shitter
+co4ronavirus +funeral +mortalities +shitters
+co5ona +funerals +mortality +shitting
+co5onavirus +furlough +mortalitys +shitty
+co5rona +g.c.s.e. +mortgage +shooter
+co5ronavirus +gam +anon +mortgages +shooting
+co9rona +gam +baned +mother +shootings
+co9ronavirus +gam +care +motherfucker +short +of
+co9vid +gam +cares +mugging +shortage
+co9vid19 +gam +stop +mum +shortofcash
+cobid +gam +stoped +murder +shortofmoney
+cobid19 +gam +stops +murdered +shot
+cobvid +gamanon +murderer +shut +down
+cobvid19 +gamaware +murderers +shut +off
+cocaine +gamb +leaware +murdering +sick
+cocid +Gamban +murders +sickness
+cocid19 +gambaned +mushrooms +sickpay
+cockfighting +gambanning +narcos +sicks
+cocvid +gambans +narcotics +sister
+cocvid19 +gamble +awareness +naughty +skank
+codona +gamble +awares +nausea +skin
+codonavirus +gamble +trust +need +a +win +skins
+codrona +gamble +trusts +need +awin +slag
+codronavirus +gambleaholic +need +bet +slags
+coeona +gambleaholics +need +betting +slander
+coeonavirus +gambleaware +need +gamble +slang
+coerona +gambleawares +need +gambles +slaughter
+coeronavirus +gambleblock +need +gambling +slave
+cofid +gambled +all +my +wage +need +to +slavery
+cofid19 +gambled +all +my +wages +needa +win +slaves
+cofona +gambled +all +wage +needawin +sleazy
+cofonavirus +gambled +all +wages +needbet +sleep
+cofrona +gambled +my +wage +needbetting +sleeping
+cofronavirus +gambled +my +wages +needgamble +sleepless
+cofvid +gamblehelp +needgambling +sleeps
+cofvid19 +gambleholic +needing +to +slept
+cogid +gambleholics +needingto +slepts
+cogid19 +gamblersanonymous +needs +gamble +slut
+cogona +gamblersanonymousuk +needs +gambles +sluts
+cogona +virus +gamblersanoymous +needs +gambling +sober
+cogonavirus +gamblestop +needsbet +sobriety
+cogrona +gamblestops +needsbets +social +anxiety
+cogrona +virus +gambletrust +needsbetting +social +distancing
+cogronavirus +gambletrusts +needsgamble +software
+cogvid +gambling +advice +needsgambling +softwares
+cogvid19 +gambling +advise +negative +solicitor
+coid +gambling +ages +negatives +solicitors
+coid19 +gambling +association +negativity +spam
+coirona +gambling +care +negligence +spank +the +bookies
+coironavirus +gambling +commision +negligent +spice +drug
+coivd +gambling +disease +negligently +spy +code
+coivd19 +gambling +fine +nervous +spy +codes
+coivid +gambling +for +16 +year +olds +nesd +a +win +spycode
+coivid19 +gambling +for +17 +year +nesd +awin +spycodes
+cokrona +gambling +for +under +18 +nesda +win +stab
+cokronavirus +gambling +is +bad +nesdawin +stabbed
+cokvid +gambling +is +the +devil +net +loss +stabbing
+cokvid19 +gambling +shocking +net +mums +stabbings
+colrona +gambling +sites +shutdown +Net +nanny +stabs
+colronavirus +gambling +trust +net +nannys +staff
+colvid +gambling +trusts +netloss +stakelimit
+colvid19 +gambling +watchdog +netmums +stakelimits
+combats +gamblingassociation +netnanny +stay +away
+comorbitidy +gamblingaware +netnannys +stay +in
+compulsion +gamblingbills +network +schedule +stay +of +home
+compulsions +gamblingcare +networking +sites +stayaway
+compulsive +newborn +stayin
+compulsively +gamblingcommission +next +to +die +staying
+compulsivenes +gamblingeaware +nhs +stayingin
+compulsiveness +gamblinghelp +no +escape +steal
+compulsives +gamblingtrust +no +id +steal +money
+compulsivity +gamblingtrusts +no +job +stealing
+concern +gamblingxxx +no +money +stealmoney
+concerned +gamblock +no +register +steals
+concernedly +gamblocked +no +registration +steel
+concerning +gamblocks +no +to +gambling +steelmoney
+concernment +gamblsd +all +my +wage +no +verfy +steels
+concerns +gamblsd +all +wages +no +verification +step +change
+concernsd +gamblsd +my +wages +no +verify +step +changes
+condition +gamcare +no +wager +requirements +step +mom
+conditions +gamcares +non +profit +step +mum
+condone +game +baned +non +profits +stepchange
+confiscating +game +stoped +non +self +executing +casinos +stepmom
+confusing +gambling +offers +game +stops +nonmandatory +stepmum
+contagious +gameawares +non-mandatory +stole
+contamination +gameban +nonprofit +stop
+control +gambling +gamebaned +nonprofits +stopped
+control +gambling +addiction +gamebanned +nonrestricted +stopping
+controled +gamebans +not +gamblocked +casino +stoppings
+controling +gameblock +not +myself +stopps
+controlings +gameblocked +not +to +gamble +stoppsd
+controlled +gameblocks +obsess +stops
+controlled +gambling +gameboy +obsessed +stories
+controlling +gameboys +obsesses +stress
+controls +gamecare +obsessing +stretch
+controversy +gamecares +obsession +strip +club
+convention +games +care +obsessional +strip +poker
+conventions +games +stops +obsessions +stripclub
+cool +of +gamestop +obsessive +strip-club
+cool +off +gamestoped +ocd +stripper
+coolof +gamestopped +ocrona +strippers
+cooloff +gamestops +ocronavirus +stripping
+coona +gaming +association +ocuri +struggle
+coonavirus +gaming +for +17 +year +ocvid +struggling
+coorna +gaming +for +under +18 +ocvid19 +stuck
+coornavirus +gaming +sites +shutdown +offence +stuckat
+coorona +gams +care +offended +stuckathome
+cooronavirus +gams +stops +offender +stuckin
+coovid +gamstip +on +credit +stuckindoor
+coovid +19 +gamstop +online +gambling +under +stuckindoors
+coovid19 +gamstoped +opium +student
+coprona +gamstopped +opt +out +students
+coprona +virus +gamstops +orona +virus +stupid
+copronavirus +gangs +oronavirus +substance
+copvid +gangster +ousting +sucide
+copvid +19 +gangsters +out +of +work +sucides
+copvid19 +garden +slot +drain +outbreak +suck
+cor0na +gave +up +outbreaks +sucked
+cor0na +virus +gbh +outlaw +sucking
+cor0navirus +gcse +outlawed +sucks
+get +rich +quick +outlaws +sue